We begin from the radical premise that people are whole, not broken and don’t need to be fixed. Thus the aim of development is to invite wholehearted engagement and expression of the excellence that already exists in everyone.


By building relationships based on mutual respect for diverse perspectives, we establish the trust and connection needed to meet the inevitable challenges that life presents.


The power of awareness opens the mind, expands the heart, enlivens the body and awakens the spirit. Self-awareness is the key (and often the missing link) to truly great leadership and to living with ease and joy.


Courage is the fierce and tender quality of the heart required to stand up for what we really care about, and at the same time step beyond our limited views and perspectives—of ourselves, others and the world.


Our aspiration is to help alleviate suffering. We do this by freeing people to become responseable—capable of responding intentionally to life, rather than reacting habitually.

We believe we are all in this together –as thought generators, creative collaborators and accountability partners. That spirit puts us in the presence of like-minded leaders and decision-makers who genuinely believe in human potential. 

As a collective group of change agents, we inspire learning and development that is truly transformational and lasting!  This is not about a business transaction, this is about winning people’s hearts and as a result, changing lives.  Part mastery, part mystery, 100% dedication --whole person engagement.

What does that look like, feel like and taste like?  Well, the possibilities are endless and the results are powerful. 
Meet our facilitation partners and read about what some of our clients have to say.


Toni wants to live in a world where people can’t find their “Inner Critic" anymore and value themselves for what they are rather than for what they do.

When he isn’t with people or on his computer, you can find him eating an ice cream, enjoying the bavarian alps or reading a good book.

He created many programs for various customers and likes to connect mindfulness and personal values with the challenges of the day to day business life of leaders. He is passionate about supporting others to unlock their potential.

He is a heartful coach and trainer, and did win the Best Trainer Award four times for one of his global clients.

Therese wants to live in a world where beauty is expressed in all its glory! She envisions a world in which everyone courageously steps into the emerging fullness, grace and spirit of their authentic selves.

As an executive coach, facilitator, and strategist, she’s been coaching leaders and teams in complex global markets.  Born in Singapore, Therese speaks three languages and brings to her practice 18 years of sales, marketing and strategic planning experience in the U.S. and Asia.  This is complemented by deep and rich training as a spiritual director in the Ignatian tradition.

When she’s not having fun coaching or facilitating, you can find her cooking, running with her husband Felix and their buddies by the ocean or in the Santa Cruz mountains, and discovering nature and other parts of the world.

Jennifer wants to live in a world where work is play, people don’t have to choose between success and what they truly love, and everyone gets to bring more of who they are to what they do.

As a coach and facilitator, Jennifer has more than twenty five years of internal and external experience coaching and consulting with leaders and teams of some of the worlds best known brands.  In her work she brings the qualities of quiet presence, deep listening, clear seeing, and creativity to help her clients quickly create clarity on issues of importance to them and their organizations.

When she is not helping her clients take care of what they care about, you will find her taking long walks on the trails near her home, being creative with ideas, words, and images, marveling at the amazing human beings her teenagers are becoming, and trying to leave a trail of beauty where ever she goes. 

She believes in the power of being yourself, that we each need to define for ourselves what a good life is, and that we are all capable of playing a much bigger game than the one we are currently playing.


PEP has brought sustained individual growth and a vibrant learning culture to my organization. Through PEP, we are now smarter, more agile, and more responsive. There is greater collaboration across functions; customer relationships have improved, employee engagement is noticeably higher, and we are better positioned to respond to change and lead technological innovation.
— Todd Pierce, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Genentech-Roche

When I think of our PEP program, in my head I know for a fact that it’s a big reason we’re repeatedly in the top 10 of Computerworld and Fortune’s Best Places to Work, in my heart I’m moved every time I hear a story from someone about how their PEP experience has created satisfaction in their lives and deepened their relationships, and in my body I can feel the resilience we’ve built together that has fueled our innovation and sense of community over the years.

PEP could very well be the greatest gift we give to our employees while they’re with us - doing now what patients need next
— Cindy Elkins, VP IT Americas at Genentech

I’ve taken dozens of training programs. But what PEP does is different—it teaches us how to learn!
— Munther Megdadi, Chief Architect IT, Genentech

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