Our offerings integrate principles and practices that engage the whole person and teaches a learning process that results in transformational growth and sustainable behavior change. 

We have successfully supported and developed leaders at all levels of the organization --ranging from Senior Executives to High-Potential Leaders to Emerging Talent.  PEP also has the versatility and elasticity to support the development of intact teams.

We love the creative challenge of custom designing each program to meet the unique business, cultural and people needs of our clients. That’s what really brings our work to life in a meaningful way.  Reach out, let us know your intention and we will collaborate on building a  program that works for you.  

Key PEP Principles

These essential elements are incorporated into all our work

  1. Vertical Development: Lasting behavior change and growth requires developing the whole person - head, heart and body – deepening intellectual, emotional and somatic intelligence.

  2. Intrinsic Motivation: Instead of complying with what others think one “should do”, we invite leaders to choose a personal and meaningful development focus that taps into their heartfelt passion and firm commitment to stay engaged and grow – even when it gets hard.
  3. People Grow Best In Community: We all have “blind spots”!  Getting insightful and compassionate feedback from people we trust is a powerful way to create awareness of what we can’t clearly see about ourselves.  Our commitment is to create a safe, nourishing environment for participants to share and learn from one another.  Being open and authentic in this way accelerates growth.
  4. Awakening Mindfulness: Mindfulness is about unhooking from reactivity and learning to observe oneself in real time.  By cultivating Mindfulness, leaders will learn to see themselves (and others) more clearly. And, based on this clear-seeing, they can make wise choices and respond to life with greater skill and effectiveness.
  5. Sustainable Growth Takes Time: Information transfer only needs to happen once to be successful.  Embodied learning is a dynamic, living process that takes root over time. There are no shortcuts to lasting behavior change!