Pamela wants to live in a world where each of us has the opportunity to discover and express our unique gifts.

As the Founder and Chief Wisdom Officer of PEP, she has practiced and taught Zen and Vipassana for almost thirty years, and has coached hundreds of leaders across the globe. She is an aspiring writer and seasoned public speaker who is passionate about bringing the wisdom and compassion of Buddhist teaching to the workplace. 

When she’s not working, you can find her swimming laps at the local pool, walking in Golden Gate Park with her husband, or studying esoteric Zen texts.

She is engaged in articulating a new narrative for leadership based on the archetype of the bodhi (awakening) sattva (being), and aspires to help organizations create communities of connection and caring.

To learn more or to listen to talks and guided meditations:

"Bodhisattvas understand that we are part of an intimate web of inter-being; that our well-being as humans is intricately tied to the health and well-being of the planet; that how we care for ourselves is part and parcel of how we care for each other, and for the world."


Robin wants to live in a world where humans choose love over fear, give themselves permission to lighten up a bit, embrace vulnerability as a superpower and have the courage to be seen for who they authentically are.  She knows this is the springboard to becoming fully alive.

As President of PEP, she has 20 years of leadership experience at Nike - growing the business, building the brand and developing future talent.  She is now a Coach, Facilitator and Inspirational Mentor who is passionate about providing a fresh perspective that illuminates freedom of choice. 

When she’s not designing Workshops and Programs to grow inspired leaders, you can find her hugging her four-legged babies, renovating mid-century modern homes with her partner or enjoying the beauty all around her. 

Her attention and creative energy is currently directed toward sharing her voice in the world.  How that manifests itself is still a mystery, but one thing for sure is that it will be real and sourced from the heart.

She is deeply touched by the impact Maya Angelou made in the world and lives everyday with the intention to inspire others to believe in themselves and speak their truth.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
— Maya Angelou

Ruben wants to live in a world where the most important things in life aren’t things, where compassion and intelligence are practiced in equal measure and where leaders create spaces where people can flourish.

As Chief PEP Officer, he brings 30 years of experience in organizational consulting, team development and leadership coaching to purpose-driven corporations across the globe.   His professional mission is to help people lead with greater purpose, passion and mastery.  He usually finds this comes with the practice of more kindness and less criticism, more curiosity and less certainty, and more courage and less fear.

When he’s not working, he will likely be hiking SF bay-area trails, traveling the world with his wife, and “seeing life through the lens" as an artistic photographer.

Ruben’s photography has profoundly influenced his life’s philosophy: “My photography is a practice in mindful attention to what wants to be seen, appreciated and felt... in myself.  I believe that when one is truly beheld... both the seer and the seen are transformed. If we seek beauty, we will surely find it.”

Robin Parker Meredith wants to live in a world where respect trumps criticism, peace reigns, children are loved and adults remember how good it feels to belly-laugh.

With 25 years of experience as an executive coach, facilitator and bereavement counselor, she makes it possible for others to connect with their innate wisdom and courage so they can live freely and lead boldly. “I believe that each individual deserves to be free.  I don’t mean physical freedom per se, but rather the liberty that comes with authentic and skillful expression.”

 When she’s not designing new programs, you can find her with her husband motoring through the West, walking her dog, digging in her garden and assembling care packages for her college-aged son.

Heather wants to live in a world where kids have less homework and more free time to play. Where relaxing body-work is available to everyone and we get more paid vacation days.

As a Coach and Facilitator, Heather has more than 20 years of experience consulting in the field of learning and development for some of the worlds fastest growing companies. She has been published and referenced in numerous articles about the complexities of today’s generationally diverse workforce and won an award for her Masters thesis research on the same topic.

When she’s not facilitating or coaching today’s leaders, you can find her creating mischief with her two favorite VIP’s- her school age daughter and son. When not with her children, you might catch her attending yoga classes, meditating, going to film festivals or horse back-riding in Montana.

She is determined to make it possible for people to live their lives with freedom from what ever holds them back from stepping into the fullness of their lives.

Renee wants to live in a world where smiles are contagious, everyone has a warm house to live in and no one is hungry. Where children are cherished and the elderly are revered.

As Director of Operations, she has over 30 years of creative marketing, accounting and administrative experience in commercial real estate and advertising. When she’s not balancing the books or making sure our cast of characters get paid, you can find her working in the yard, flying around the country visiting family or driving her passion in helping those less fortunate with her new mission drive found at dedicated to collecting socks for the homeless and handing them out in person.  She listens to their stories and lets them know they matter in this world.

I feel human when you take my hand and look me in the eyes, that is a greater gift than food or shelter.
— Anonymous Homeless Man in Denver, Colorado

Toni wants to live in a world where business success includes personal contentment and people feel encouraged to express their authentic talents.

As the Director of PEP-Europe, he has been an inspiring trainer and dedicated executive coach for global clients for twenty years, supporting leaders in expanding their personal and professional excellence.

His thirty-year meditation practice has cultivated his passion for integrating the wisdom of mindfulness, integrity and inner values into leadership programs.

When he isn’t working, you can find him enjoying the Bavarian Alps and lakes with his wife, reading philosophical books and enjoying a good football match.

His commitment to personal development is best described by Nelson Mandela’s quote:

“There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

Jennifer wants to live in a world where work is play, people don’t have to choose between success and what they truly love, and everyone gets to bring more of who they are to what they do.

As a coach and facilitator, Jennifer has more than twenty five years of internal and external experience coaching and consulting with leaders and teams of some of the worlds best known brands.  In her work she brings the qualities of quiet presence, deep listening, clear seeing, and creativity to help her clients quickly create clarity on issues of importance to them and their organizations.

When she is not helping her clients take care of what they care about, you will find her taking long walks on the trails near her home, being creative with ideas, words, and images, marveling at the amazing human beings her teenagers are becoming, and trying to leave a trail of beauty where ever she goes. 

She believes in the power of being yourself, that we each need to define for ourselves what a good life is, and that we are all capable of playing a much bigger game than the one we are currently playing.

Therese wants to live in a world where beauty is expressed in all its glory! She envisions a world in which everyone courageously steps into the emerging fullness, grace and spirit of their authentic selves.

As an executive coach, facilitator, and strategist, she’s been coaching leaders and teams in complex global markets.  Born in Singapore, Therese speaks three languages and brings to her practice 18 years of sales, marketing and strategic planning experience in the U.S. and Asia.  This is complemented by deep and rich training as a spiritual director in the Ignatian tradition.

When she’s not having fun coaching or facilitating, you can find her cooking, running with her husband Felix and their buddies by the ocean or in the Santa Cruz mountains, and discovering nature and other parts of the world.